Docs Engine replace logo

I’ve been building our internal knowledge base using the Cloudflare Docs Engine and have it running well. But how do I change the main logo top left that says Cloudflare Docs. I can’t find anything in the configuration or anywhere to change this image?

I think it should be defined as a component, src/components/docs-product-logo.js or src/components/cloudflare-logo.js.

Do you use base64 or have the actual image in some regular formats like SVG, PNG, JPG?

Moreover, I believe defining a value for a productIconKey or productLogoPathD field (not both) would do the trick.

Or I may be wrong about this one …

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone more experienced.


I managed to convert my logo to a path d source, and have that in place using productLogoPathD which replaces the page/cog (Docs Engine) logo in the above example.

Still can’t work out how to change the main top logo though.

I believe (but could be wrong) productIconKey can only reference cloudflare-brand-assets eg analytics or docs-engine etc.