Docker configuration - with host warp client

I am trying to configure warp such that when running dev docker containers on my local machine I do not need to worry about installing certificates into containers.
In this instance I am talking warp client on the host system, and docker running via docker desktop.

By default when trying to make HTTP requests in a docker container I get the error:
curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This is caused by traffic leaving docker, and passing through the warp client.

I ideally would like the most hands-off approach possible such that I use warp as much as possible but there is as little touch needed when dealing with docker and containers.

I would be interested in knowing this there a best practice for dealing with docker and warp on a host machine.
What strategies have others employed to get warp and docker playing nice with each other?

Not the case with Cloudflare Warp and Docker, however if I could share, I’ve had some issues with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates inside Docker containers.

I went with configuring the Nginx infront. Later, using a script letting LE’s renew SSL certs for the domains which were configured for the Docker containers (added to the Nginx). Therefore, upon successful renew, the script continues to restart the container and Nginx service so it gets the new certificate.