Docker cloudflare tunnel: bad gateway

I have a problem with the Cloudflare tunnel. I have installed the Cloudflare tunnel for Docker, and when I go to the address of my domain I get an error page Bad Gateway.
My service is well started on docker, pointing to the right port, I have correctly configured the tunnel settings on the Cloudflare panel but I can’t get access to my site.

(Cloudflare prevents me from posting links.)

If someone has a solution to my problem…
Thanks in advance for your answers.

The error indicates the origin service isn’t replying to cloudflared, so the tunnel is actually setup, does the internal IP work when requesting directly from the machine where cloudflared is installed?

I can reach my website with http but not https
Https: 5001
Http: 5000

Then make sure HTTPS works, because you are trying to fetch the HTTPS page.

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