Do you suggest me to go for PRO plan or FREE plan?

My website speed in the US location is slow. it is taking 8 sec to open. Despite doing everything I learned from the forum and youtube channel. My website is unable to increase speed.

My website is e-commerce hence it has a lot of images, videos, gifs only, less content.

Currently, my website is hosted on Cloudflare FREE version.

What do you recommend to me? Should I go for the PRO plan? which is $20 per month???


Is there a way to increase speed of my website?


The main performance benefit you will get from a Pro plan is Polish image optimisation. The Argo add-on (starting at $5 per month) would provide some benefit as well. But at 8 seconds, I would expect that you might have some work still to do on your Origin.

If you share the domain name a few people on the Community might be able to suggest some quick wins.

1 Like is my domain.
There is no free image optimization plugin. Hence, I can’t fully optimize images on my site through a free plugin of image optimize.
Cache I am using wp super cache because my wp theme only suggests me to use this plugin only.
If you notice, my website has more images. I want images quality doesn’t drop else it would affect my sale.

How did you measure that?

I’m getting quite a good score from Texas, USA:

(first test was bad, mainly due to unpopulated cache in the CDN)

OMG!!! it’s a miracle then. I only did once on GTmetrix.
Thanks for helping me out.

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