Do Workers have CAPTCHA challenges?

Hi, I’m looking into Cloudflare Workers and was wondering if CAPTCHA challenges also block suspicious Worker requests. If I want to develop a simple REST API using Workers then I can’t have CAPTCHA challenges block requests since this will not be possible to process by the API consumer.

So what I need to know is if CAPTCHA challenges are a thing with Cloudflare Workers and if so then I’d like to know if the can be completely disabled.

I’ve done distributed load at 50 000 req over 40 seconds, not a single one has got stuck in a captcha.

That said, it would be best if CF could answer this officially since I don’t know what the policy is.

Thanks for the info, if a Cloudflare employee could confirm this that would be awesome.

If you want you can turn security to “Essentially off” for those routes or the equivalent page rules. That will basically disable challenges.

You can also make a firewall rule to allow everyone within an IP range

That being sad, I’ve still heard of some extreme cases where cloudflare blocks/challenges bad actor ips regardless