Do Wordpress caching plugins conflict with Cloudflare?

Several times, the hosting company for my website (GoDaddy) has told me that a caching plugin on my Wordpress based website is unnecessary, because I am using Cloudflare as a CDN and a cache plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache could cause conflicts. My priority is optimizing my website so that it can perform as best it can, so I am inquiring to know if this is actually true.

I’ve had issues with W3 Total Cache (maximizing CPU usage and I/O usage on my website when manually purging the cache, consistently leading to a temporary hang) and WP Super Cache (general problems). I don’t know if those issues are due to a conflict with Cloudflare, or if there are certain settings I’m overlooking.

My website currently uses the Autoptimize plugin, is running on Cloudflare, and there is an ad optimization platform which has its own caching app.

Both are helpful.

A WordPress caching plugin pre-generates the page HTML and stores it for quick access during a visit. Otherwise, your server will have to dynamically generate the HTML every time someone visits your site.

Cloudflare’s cache stores static resources such as images, css, and js. This speeds up delivery to visitors, so they only need to retrieve the small html resource from your server.

I’ve used W3TC in conjunction with Cloudflare with no problems. I currently use WP Fastest Cache.

I’d advise against running multiple optimizer plugins on your site.

For your setup, I’d try WP Fastest Cache on the site, then Cloudflare’s standard caching here, plus Auto Minify and Rocket Loader in Cloudflare’s Speed section.

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Thanks for the response. The optimization plugins I currently use are WP-Optimize and Autoptimize. With Cloudflare minifcation, do you then recommend deleting Autoptimize on a Wordpress website which uses Cloudflare?

I have been using Cloudflare in WordPress websites with WP Super Cache for a long time now, no issues.

Also, I used the Autoptimize plugin for a long while, without any Cloudflare issues. (I only stopped using it because my hosting offered a replacement plugin that performs better in my case).

The only problem was troubleshooting, which often required remembering to purge several caches (Cloudflare, Super Cache, Autoptimize etc)

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Another thing thing to consider with cache plugins, pay close attention to speed and not just the suggested grade. An A+ site that loads in 10 seconds is not better than a D that loads in under 1 second. :wink:


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