Do we need to install SSL for hosting as well?

Do we need to install SSL for hosting as well?

We have select Universal SSL.

So DO we manage SSL on Cloudflare and Hosting Both? Please advice

Yes. You need a certificate on your origin server to secure traffic between it and the Cloudflare proxy.

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But cloudflare has provide a free SSL. Do we use clideflare certificate on hosting as it have SSL certifacate.

Cloudflare Universal SSL ican only be used to secure the connection between vistors and the Cloudflare proxy. You need to secure your origin with either a valid certificate or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. Please review the Community Tutorial I shared. It explains in more detail.

So basically we need to manage SSL to origin server manually. Right?

Whether you use an automated option like Let’s Encrypt or a similar solution, a commercial certificate, or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate is your choice. You will need to configure whichever method you choose.

Please give a details about. Install Origin CA certificate on origin server

It is linked in the Tutorial I shared.

Origin certificate

Cloudflare also offers their own free certificates for installation on your server. More information is here and you can get one issued straight from your TLS screen .

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