Do this if your website redirects to

On January 29th, I received an email from Cloudflare notifying me that my account was accessed from a new IP. However, due to my busy schedule, I ignored the email.

This morning I checked my two websites on Cloudflare, and they both redirected to the page:

Then I checked the audit log and found there was a new ruleset created, as shown in the following image:

So, the problem is that someone created a new ruleset by redirecting my website when accessed through Windows. If you experience this, try taking the following actions:

  1. Enter the dashboard and select your website
  2. On the sidebar, select “Redirect rules” in the “Rules” dropdown
  3. If there are rules that you don’t recognize, just delete them.

To see details, click “Edit”.

I think this happened because someone accessed my Cloudflare account. After some searching, this action was performed from Germany, whether true or not. My advice, change the password and use 2 factor authentication.

I hope this helps.


This has been reported before and +1 to 2FA, other details presented here

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