Do these DNS records look correct?

Hello CloudFlare Community,
WordPress site, hosted at Lunar Pages, site has been up and running with Cloudflare for a year or two now; no issues until today. Site was also using WP Rocket caching plugin which I have de-activated.

Dashboard is behaving strangely.
Media Library and Featured Image functions are unresponsive.
WordFence plugin can not run a scan, save premium key or save “Get IPs from Cloudflare settings”.

I’ve deactivated several plugins looking for a conflict, but found none.
Google developer console doesn’t show any errors.

Would someone be able and willing to look at my screenshot of the DNS records and see if there are any glaring issues? I’m at a bit stumped at how to troubleshoot, so I’m looking at everything.
Grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction -

Many thanks,

If you’re not able to save settings, it sounds like a cache everything issue in Page Rules. The Wordfence scan issue however, you may want to clear your browsers cache, open up the WP dashboard and then check the Dev Tools (console) to see if there is any other errors being reported.

Other than that, everything on the outside seems to be fine other than a minor iframe issue with the video.

Thanks so much for the response. Mystery solved when I thought to check the server error logs.

In an effort to thwart an attack on admin-ajax which was causing high resource usage, the web host had modified my .htaccess file.
That’ll do it.

But if the site is running through cloudflare why would that attack cause high server resource usage??

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