Do requests to Cloudflare's API include an object error or headers when rate limited?

Hello, i’ve looked through the API documentation but couldn’t find anything anywhere about requests that hit the 1200 requests per 5 minutes limit, i was wondering if rate limited requests include an object specifiying the time i have to wait before doing another call or a “retry-after” header, and if possible, could someone give me an example of what a rate limited request looks like? (headers or object), i don’t want to spam the API with useless requests.

With the business and Enterprise plans you can send a custom JSON response body back to the requestor and in that you could specify the backoff period.

I was asking about not about Cloudflare’s rate limiting “module”, the documentation only mentions the amount of requests you can do and the http code with a short description, but doesn’t mention if the API sends headers or a JSON object indicating how much should i wait to retry.

edit: edited the title as it might have been a bit missleading

I believe it returns a 429 response and the payload may look something like

{\"code\":10100,\"message\":\"More than 1200 requests per 300 seconds reached. Please wait and consider throttling your request speed\"}

If you have an Enterprise account you can contact your account team to discuss your use case and possible changes to the standard limit.

Thanks, this is what i was looking for, is there a reason why it doesn’t return the amount of time i should wait before doing another request?

Depending on the limit hit, it is either 1 min or 5 normally.