Do really cloudflare work for me?

I recently activated CF for my website
I have done almost every suggestions given by GTmetrix and pingdom.
But there is huge difference in outcomes of test. Don’t know whether cf working for me or not?

Seems to be working, most static files are cached. Test differences are sometimes related to the location of the server. Did your run the tests a few times? The reason I ask is that Cloudflare will not, by default, cache all your website assets on all its datacenters around the world. Cloudflare will cache them as users request them on each location. So if you just run the test one time from a server in one location, it may not get cached resources, forcing CF to fetch the files (jpg, js, css etc) in your origin server. You can open Chrome’s DevTools > Network tab, and see for yourself which assets are being cached by Cloudflare. They will have a header indicating it: CF-Cache-Status: HIT

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Many times I got Cf status hit.
But few times it show revalidated or missed.
And acutal concern is though I’m using Cloudflare page took 15-16s to load

Without cf same speed observed!
Don’t know if it really works?


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