Do pro features still work when free plan domains are an alias to a pro domain

The title mostly says it all. If I have a domain that’s on the pro plan, call it pro dot com and I have a domain on the free plan, say free dot com. If I setup a cname record at the root of free dot com to point to pro dot com would I get (as an example): DDoS alerts, Lossless image optimization, and Accelerated mobile page load speed indirectly for free dot com? I’d imagine I’d see ddos alerts for pro dot com in the case that the ddos was actually being directed at free dot com.

You can’t CNAME into a Pro Plan. That’s an SaaS feature, previously only available on Enterprise Plans, but is currently in open beta as a soon-to-be paid add-on for other plans.

I think you can CNAME into a pro plan. I’m doing it right now and it redirects correctly. My nginx logs see the traffic. Also Cloudflare says “Another record shares the same name, so we’ve applied CNAME flattening.”

Do you mean that you can’t CNAME and expect any features outside of the plan the record belongs to?

Sorry, you can CNAME into another domain on your account, but you don’t get Pro features. I’m testing it right now with Polish and Mirage.

Polish and Mirage? Did you test ddos?

My sites aren’t being DDoS’d at the moment, but considering that my Firewall Rules and Super Bot Fight Mode on the Pro Plan aren’t triggering on my Free Plan, I don’t think that’s gonna work.

I’m pretty sure Cloudflare has figured out the the different ways people will try to cheat the system.

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