Do people in Cloudflare can access my cached pages?

I have a website that user pages are private they aren’t available to the public.
for better speed, I cached all pages on Cloudflare, now my question is for whatever reason on any event do people in Cloudflare can access my cached pages to check the content of pages?

Cloudflare is a huge company valued at roughly 25 billion right now, so any employee snooping on cache pages would mean an insane loss of trust by their customers, who are also huge Fortune 500 companies. While very few CF employees have direct access to cache data, the few that do are paid handsomely, vetted, and certainly all of their activities when accessing potentially sensitive data are tracked and audited.

What you should be more worried about is cache poisoning and/or general unauthorized access to cached pages by other visitors. Unless you generate some super-secret token and place it in the URL, Cloudflare’s cache can be accessed by anyone if they go to the same URL and hit the same datacenter as your user. If possible, you really should reconsider putting anything sensitive in a public cache, even if you think you have safeguards.

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