Do Page Rules Override Main Settings?


I just signed up for WP Rocket caching plugin. Their recommended Cloudflare settings are to set the Browser Cache TTL to 1 year which I did.

I also have individual page rules which include Browser Cache TTL set to 1 day. Should I go in and delete all those individual browser cache page rules or will the main setting override? I don’t want to cause any conflicts but also don’t want to delete all those rules if I don’t have to.


Short answer, yes.

You can think of page rules as exceptions to the main rules set by the several dashboard apps, like Caching, Speed, DNS etc. So if you set your Browser Cache TTL to 1 year on the Caching app, it will apply to the whole zone (domain + any subdomains) EXCEPT for the URLs covered by specific page rules.

Having said that, setting your Browser Cache to a lengthy period may not be the best strategy. You can always set the Edge Cache TTL to a longer period, since you can easily purge Cloudflare’s cache, but you can never purge the browser cache, only the user can do it. You would need to change the filename to force a browser to load a new file, should it ever be needed.

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Thanks, floripare! That really helps. Your logic makes a lot of sense about why they would set the Browser Cache so long.

Why do you think WP Rocket sets the Brower Cache at 1 year as a standard setting? I wonder if they set it on their end and they don’t want the two conflicting.

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