Do not want to migrate domain name

Hello, I do not want to migrate my domain name from my existing provider. Is it possible to use clodfare CDN in such cases

You don’t need to move your domain anywhere. You just need to update the name servers to use the ones Cloudflare has assigned to your account.

I do not want to change name server also. I have some js and html files which needs to be included in parent html file. Can’t i call via an IP Address? Is it mandatory to create a domain?

I have changed the same to the following


Additionally, i can see in the google console “No DS records have been set up.”. However, i see an email with the following description from Cloudflare. I need some quick help. I do not want my site to go down

" WARNING: Your website may not work if you do not review and make the appropriate changes!

Your domain ( failed to move over to Cloudflare because you still have to remove your DS-Record. If you do not remove it, your website may not work as expected.

Click here to learn more about a DS-Record and why you need to remove it.

The Cloudflare Team

Got another email
" Congratulations! You have successfully activated . Your site will now receive the benefits of Cloudflare’s performance, security and reliability features. Check out reports of bandwidth saved* and threats blocked on your account [Analytics]

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