Do not understand how to set up A/NS record both in registrar and Cloudflare

I bought domain and added there A and MX records.
Now I want to connect with CloudFlare in order to speed up my site.

This is old A and MX records.

Im not sure how to connect with CloudFlare but I read that I need to add NS records.
So I deleted A and MX records 24h ago and added NS records in site where I bought domain.
In photo old and current records and also CloudFlare records.

In CloudFlare I see such notification: is not yet active on Cloudflare.

  1. I did correct that I deleted A/MX records and added there NS records?
  2. Should I need to change records in CloudFlare?
  3. What I did wrong as my site is still not active in CloudFlare?

hi @00tomy00,

You need to set the authoritative nameservers, not just add NS records, however this looks OK. You have a third nameserver showing that is not Cloudflare (the top one in your left-hand screenshot, which needs removing before Cloudflare can validate your domain.

WRT your DNS records, are all three IP addresses for your site?. Also, your MX records need to point to a :grey: hostname. In general, just make sure all your DNS records in Cloudflare match the ones you had with your previous provider.

In my previous provider I had 1 A and 2 MX records.
Probably MX records there was due to a mistake.
Now I deleted mobht A/MX and added CloudFlare NS recrods.

Should I add CloudFlare NS records into my previous provider or I need to delete A/MX records and leave it empty.

This is the current configuration form my previous provider and in CloudFlare.

:wave: @00tomy00,

So the way DNS works (at a very high level is this:

At your registrar you designate alnameservers which are authoritative for your domain (in this case Cloudflare’s). Those nameservers assume they are authoritative for any questions asked and will answer authoritatively to the question asked either in the affirmative with whatever value is specified or authoritatively that the record doesn’t exist with NXDOMAIN (no such record exists) unless the record is explicitly delegated somewhere else.

You may need to define a record at your host in DNS so the local system understands what to do/ give you a record to put in your authoritative DNS but if Cloudflare is your nameservers delegated at your registrar assume any record you need should be defined there in well over 99% of the possible scenarios.

— OG