Do nameservers realy take this long?

Ive changed my nameservers, i feel like cloudflare is not picking it up. Is there a way I can check or can I be assured it will soon apply because its been a while and cloudflare it still not seeing my changed nameservers

Hi @oliverevans0897,

Assuming we’re talking about, there don’t seem to be any nameservers set. Try re-adding them or contact your registrar for more help.

does it matter if its in Caps? Because Freenom is reverting them to Caps

Shouldn’t matter how it’s displayed, try setting it back to Freenom’s default nameservers, wait a few minutes and then set Cloudflare’s again. Sometimes Freenom does have issues.

ok ill give that a go

could you please check now?

Yes, they now point to

verry good, thank you for the support

Hang on, sorry, What do i put for MX?

MX records are for an email server, if you don’t have one then you don’t need to worry about that

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is it not required for a custom domain?

If you want to just point a domain to a site then no. Not required.

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