Do I Still Need To Combine CSS And Javascript With Rock Loader And HTTP 2 Enabled?

Hello Cloudflare,

According to this article on HTTP 2: HTTP/2 For Web Developers and this article on Rocket Loader: Combining Javascript & CSS, a Better Way combining external javascript and CSS is a thing of the past.

After enabling Rocket Loader (HTTP2 was already enabled by default) when I run pingdom, my results still show an F 0 grade for combining external javascript and CSS.

Should I be concerned? Do I still need to combine these two scripts?

Thank you for your patient assistance!


Since Rocket Loader defers the loading of your JS and you are using HTTP2, you don’t need to combine your JS. You can of course try and measure the result - but I don’t think it will deliver as much as adding HTTP2 & enabling Rocket Loader did.

CSS is render blocking, so you may see some benefit but you’ll probably want to concentrate on reducing the total amount of CSS you require (remove unused styles etc) instead of combining into one large CSS file.

As always with performance, it’s a good idea to test and measure as your mileage may vary.

Hey Simon,

Thank you for the fast reply.

At this stage, I am not too tech savvy for ascertaining which CSS unused styles to remove.

Will performance be severely impacted negatively if I don’t plan on removing any CSS unused styles?

I’d recommend using a tool such as Lighthouse to assess your performance and where it can be improved:

You can run this in Chrome Developer Tools and it will give you a list of performance opportunities and an estimate of the time this could save.

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Awesome. Thanks! Will look into it!

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