Do I really need to pay 5 more $ per month?


I need the dedicated 3 SSL Certifications, but in order to get more than two I have to pay an extra 5$ per month for up to 50 certifications…

Please dont make me waste all that money.


Why so many dedicated SSL certificates? The free ones work pretty well…unless you have second level subdomains (a sub-subdomain) that needs to have SSL.

The free and $5/month certificate automatically cover and * The * will cover ALL your first level subdomains, like,, etc.


I do now need to have a sub sub domain…


You have two choices:

  1. Pay the extra money for the Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostnames
  2. :grey: that sub-subdomain and use a Let’s Encrypt certificate on your server for that website. You won’t have Cloudflare services for it, but you won’t need the special SSL certificate.


I think I will just do testss instead of, it is only for backend so it really doesn’t matter all that much.

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