Do I really need to delete the CNAME records?

Hi guys, I’m not technically skilled and am stuck.

Please see the attached screenshot and the error message at the bottom when I try adding this DNS record.

I’ve been advised that I need to delete the other CNAME records but one of these is so that people find my site without entering www. and another for sending/receiving emails.

Is it possible to add this A record without having to delete the CNAME records I have set up?

A CNAME record can’t co-exist with any other record (for that subdomain). If you want to point your website to an IP address, you’d need to remove the existing CNAME for www.

You don’t need to touch any of the others if all you’re adding is the A record for www.


On a side note, you should add a reporting email address to your DMARC record, especially with a “none” policy, which is intended as the data gathering stage of DMARC deployment. That way you”ll start receiving some data!

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