Do I need to use the API on a none word press site with no way to use the plugin?

Hi, I have set up Cloudflare and my host and all looks fine (orange clouds). Up until now, I have only used Cloudflare on WordPress sites with the ability to add Cloudflare check via a plugin, My Latest site has been built in ShopFactory and is HTML based from a builder on my pc

my question is - how do I ad my API key to a none WordPress Site, without the use of a plugin, does anyone know if I can and how to do it? thanks.

Please advise asap.

You really don’t need an API on your website. I do all my Cloudflare work from the Cloudflare dashboard.

What do you need your website to do with the API?

Thanks for getting back to me

I have around 20 websites on WordPress and they all have a plugin that confirms it is setup and running correctly using an API from Cloudflare
(The easiest way to enable SSL on your WP site
Version 1.8 | By Michael Thomas & Mark Hess | Visit plugin site )

But this particular website I setup is not on word press it’s a store builder called SHOPFACTORY v10 its hosted on and is html files in a ftp account so I had no way to use a plug in and I was wondering how I could get confirmation it was all setup correctly to keep Google happy with SSL on my store. Its only for show as I actually use PayPal for the transactions so as I understand it I do not really need a ssl certificate other than it looks good to Google ,

I setup and got all orange clouds so I went to get the API as normal and realised I had nowhere to put it.

I only added Cloudflare 10 hrs ago it may not of got round the net yet ??

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Dean McDonald

It looks great with HTTPS. To make sure all your visitors use HTTPS, go to your Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings for that domain and make sure the following are turned on:

  • Always Use HTTPS
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Wow that was easy, should I do that for all my other domains on Cloudflare ?

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Dean McDonald

If you can load your site with HTTPS, then you should definitely do this.

I will go sort the rest out thanks.

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