Do I need to temporarily disable Cloudflare?

I would prefer to start a new topic but don’t have that permission yet. This is a related question. My host is telling me that I need to disabled Cloudflare temporarily to see a generated clone from an app that I uploaded to my website folders (WPTwin). The page is taking too long to load (for me to generate the clone), and Cloudflare supposedly is the cause of a 524 error I’m getting bc the load is taking too long. I have tried putting the cache for CF in development mode. But that isn’t working. Is there a simple way to entirely disable Cloud Flare just for a moment, without canceling everything and having to reconfigure everything?

I am not a coder or tech person so please, I beg you, are there any simple instructions for using the CF interface to temporarily disable the CDN?

Thanks very much!

Hi Tina,

If you go into your DNS settings and click on the orange cloud (to turn it gray) it will bypass Cloudflare and then you can turn it back to orange when you’re done.

That’s the easy non-tecnical answer. If you want more detail I can give that too. :smiley:

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Alternatively, CF has a simple button to temporarily pause CF for your entire website. Click on the link below for the instructions.

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Sorry I wasn’t sure what my DNS settings even means. That sounds pretty non-technical but still above my pay grade!

Thank you for replying though!!

This I definitely understand. Thank you!! Now let’s hope this works… :smile:

Do you know if this happens immediately? Bc it still seems like I’m seeing a cached version.

It’s immediately.
Make sure you are not caching the output with caching plugins.
You can clear browser cache by following these instructions.

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Thanks very much. That was helpful. Didn’t solve my problem, so it must be something else. Thanks again.