Do I need to set up a CDN to use HTTP DDoS attack protection?

I recently confirmed that there is a DDoS item in the Security tab.
Is CDN configuration necessary for HTTP DDoS attack protection?

I am running a separate proxy, not Cloudflare’s CDN (proxy) environment.

So, I was not using a CDN, and I am currently thinking about whether to use a CDN.
I want to know if I can get HTTP DDoS attack protection service only by using CDN.

I don’t know much about Cloudflare yet.

please help me
thank you

Welcome to the community!

Yes, you need to setup the CDN to use DDOS attack protection. That’s necessary because you need that your connections pass through Cloudflare servers before reaching yours. To configure it, just proxy (:grey::orange:) the DNS records of the domains/subdomains that lead to your server.

Hope it helps!


Thank you!

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