Do I need to set MX records in Cloudflare to have webhost Hostgator manage emails?

We have set-up full Cloudflare CDN control for our domain names that, until now, were directly going to our webhost Hostgator from our domain names registrars. That way we can now benefit from Cloudflare’s full CDN service.

In Cloudflare’s DNS settings section, we have set the domain name to go to our Hostgator Site IP with an ‘A’ record.

So our set-up is as follows:

Domain Name Registrar (e.g. Godaddy) -> Cloudflare CDN -> Hostgator.

Our Cloudflare DNS settings are now as follows:

Do we need to create any additional MX record settings so our webhost, Hostgator, can manage the emails?

If so, what specifically should those MX records be please?

Cloudflare sets a lot of DNS records automatically as you can see in the above screenshot (e.g. quite a few A, SRV and TXT records). Should we keep these or delete them? If delete, which ones should we delete please?

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your co-operation.

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i am having this same issue. please help

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Hi @nadeem,

Your DNS records need to exactly match those required by your host. Hostgator should be able to tell you what records you need for them to handle mail. One thing to be aware of is that Cloudflare does not proxy email traffic, and you need to set all mail related records to :grey:. See Email Troubleshooting for details.

As for whether all those records are needed, you would again need to check woth your web host, they look like default cPanel records, and you may not need them all, depending on what services you use.

@doeeducares, does this help with your issue as well?

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Thank you for the helpful reply.

Does it matter if we have all the above DNS records? Would it slow down our website etc.?

I’ve got a feeling many of the DNS records are redundant and if anybody knows which ones can be deleted I’d be most appreciative.


Can someone please let me know?

Can any of the above DNS records be deleted without affecting our site or emails?

Thank you.

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