Do i need to renew cloudflare ssl certs on my domains

Hi everybody,
hoping someone can give me a straight answer

i apologise for the question as i have recently taken over this account with no handover from the previous user.
i have just renewed my ssl cert for all domains with a new wildcard that covers all of the domains listed on my web server

on several of my domains on cloudflare they are configured to use cloudflare ssl which is set to expire next month.
will the cloudflare ssl protected domains, using the cloudflare ssl certs auto renew themselves for free ?

thank you

Hi @alan.hennessy,

The certificates on Cloudflare’s proxies will automatically renew. You just need to make sure that the certificates on your server do, which it sounds like you already have.

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thank you @domjh
appreciate the info
as i’m on a free account i assume these renewals are free also ?


Yes, Cloudflare provides free Universal SSL, which covers and * You only need to pay for a certificate if you need to add more hostnames or have other custom requirements.

You can check in the Billing > Subscriptions section if you are subscribed to any paid services, but everything should continue working for free.

No problem, let us know if you have any more questions!

thank you so much for answering my question, and so quickly!
take care !

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