Do I need to install Cloudflare Plugin for WordPress main site and blog site?


I have two instances of WordPress sites, one is the main site and another one is the blog site at

In my Cloudflare account, I only add one site

In the main WordPress site, I install Cloudflare plugin for WordPress.

Now the question is, need I install Cloudflare plugin in the blog site as well, and if yes, should I use the same setting of Zone ID, API token, etc. as the main site?

You do not need, but I would recommend it as far as I use it too :slight_smile:

  • my only concern is due to the security issue, like having multiple users with administrator privileges, etc.

Short answer - yes.
I have very similar setup.
WordPress on the naked domain + two sub-domains running also WordPress.
Meaning, in total, there are three WordPress Websites separated and all of them have Cloudflare plugin installed and connected to the same (naked) domain to my Cloudflare account.
Maybe not needed to install it on the sub-domains, but I keep them there “as-is” just in case.


Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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