Do I need to disable let'sencrypt to use cloudflare?

I am on Cloudflare’s free plan and everything is working fine. My site uses Let’sEncrypt SSL but now it has changed to Clouldflare’s universal SSL.

Would you say it’s a best practice to disable Let’sEncrypt SSL from Cpanel? Or is it okay to leave it as it is?

Afterall, why would anyone need 2 SSL certs for one site?

You actually do need two certificates: Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate secures connections between users and Cloudflare, and the certificate on your origin secures connections between Cloudflare and your origin.

For your origin, you can use a publicly trusted CA such as Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare’s Origin CA.

Which cPanel Let’s Encrypt feature are you using? AutoSSL? Something else? I’m not sure all of them work when you’re using Cloudflare. (They can, but depending on their design, they may not.)


I did not realize you need two certs. Thank you for the clarification!

I am using AutoSSL feature and the site seems to be loading fine as of now.

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