Do I need to change my Let's Encrypt certificate?

Hi, I’m considering using Cloudflare for a website that currently uses SSL with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.
Will Cloudflare just work if I switch to it, or do I need to change something?

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It should just work. Make sure the SSL setting is “Full (strict)” in the crypto tab so that CF will also encrypt the connection between CF and your origin. Note that you should still keep this certificate up-to-date on your server.


I see, thanks!
It currently uses Certbot for automatic renewals. So hopefully Cloudflare won’t affect anything with those renewals too.

I appreciate the guidance, cheers!

Which verification method do you use? If it is the HTTP/web based method there is a small possibility Cloudflare might interfere, in case those requests get stuck on Cloudflare’s end.

AFAIK most people do not have an issue with that configuration, but should you encounter problems, you might also want to consider the DNS based verification as there is a specific Cloudflare plugin ->

As for the certificate it, @Judge covered everything already. Not only can you leave the certificate in place, you have to.

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Oooh thank-you! Most helpful.

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