Do I need to add MX record / change something in cloudflare?

I was verifying my gsuite account and with the help of support I did it on my hosts admin page. That part is fine and working well. I created TXT register and ended up having MX entries etc.

Now my question is, do I have to change something in Cloudflare settings also? Do I need to add manually MX entries to Cloudflare ?

Thank you !

If you need MX records and dont have them you naturally need to add them.

Please read also what I wrote and not only the heading :smiley: Or maybe I just expressed myself wrongly.

As I said I created the MX entries on my host cpanel. My question was : Do I have to recreate them also in Cloudflare or something ?

MX entries in your host’s control panel are irrelevant at this point as all DNS management comes from Cloudflare.

So yes, assuming you do need MX entries you should add them.

Thank you.

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