Do I need these plugins?

Good Day, I’m starting to add my sites to Cloudflare following an optimization program I’m doing. I’m wondering, I have a couple plugins that might be redundant and/or conflicting with what Cloudflare is doing. They are;

wp-optimize: which optimizes my databases, images, page cache +preload + gzip +static file headers. It seems several of these things are also done by Cloudflare.

autoptimize: which I use to optimize my CSS code.

smush: which compresses the images on the site.

really simple ssl: which redirects all traffic to the SSL portion (https) site

I look forward to any feedback/suggestions you may have. thank you

Personally, I’d drop wp-optimize and autoptimize when using Cloudflare. Smush still has value, as it’s going to drastically shrink your image size.

Really Simple SSL raises red flags for me. It indicates your server isn’t configured for SSL on your site. I strongly suggest you get a local certificate on your site for more robust security.

ok thanks

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