Do I need SSL certificate on Cloudflare if I already have one on my server?

I already have SSL on my site on Bluehost server. Do I have to have universal SSL activated on Cloudflare? I understand the universal SSL wouldn’t work with older OS/browsers. If it’s OK to just have SSL on my Bluehost server (and not on Cloudflare), would people using older OS/browsers still be able to access my website?

You’ll need it. Cloudflare is acting as a reverse proxy, so visitors won’t see your origin SSL certificate.

If you set SSL to Full/Strict, you’ll have a fully encrypted connection. As for the older browsers, they’d have to be really old…like Windows XP old.


Thanks for a quick reply. That really helps.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong but that gives me the impression that I could serve my site from a non SSL domain but have Cloudflare serve it as SSL. That alone could save a lot of small site owners a lot of money.

Cloudflare SSL will cover the traffic between your visitor and Cloudflare. Depending on your needs and settings you can also encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and your origin server. The settings options in your dashboard offer:

  • Flexible SSL:
    SSL is terminated at the Cloudflare edge servers. Everything between your client and Cloudflare is encrypted, but between Cloudflare and your origin server is not encrypted. You would not need a certificate directly installed on your server for full encryption.

  • SSL Full:
    SSL is terminated at the Cloudflare edge server. Then it is encrypted again, and sent back to your servers all encrypted. You would need an SSL certificate installed directly on your server for this option. You can also use a self-signed certificate for this option.

  • SSL Full (strict):
    Same as SSL Full, but you must have a certificate that is signedby a CA (Certificate Authority), such as GlobalSign.

I use Let’s Encrypt at my sites so I can use the SSL Full (Strict) setting. Let’s Encrypt is free.

You can also install Cloudflare’s Origin CA certificate, which is also free:


Please https is still not working on site after uploading the certificate. Though I am installing it on namecheap addon domain hosting. How can I resolve this?