Do I need Photon to serve images from a CDN?

I want to uninstall ilt to save bandwidth.

Will Cloudflare serve my images? Will they serve quickly, and save my site bandwidth and CPU?


In general it should. You can read the below article to see more about how CF’s caching is handled for assets:

Thanks. Is there a rule that I can set to immediately cache images? I’m really worried that the site will become dramatically slower if I stop using photon and the jetpack cdn.


It should only become slower in low-traffic areas (since the cache is per-datacenter). It may be worthwhile to A/B test the change, or to test CF-only caching for an hour or so to see how it holds up.

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How can I do this?

I’ll probably do the latter. I use google analytics to collect speed stats so hopefully would reflect on there.

Would there be a more accurate way to see page response times during that testing?


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