Do I need dedicated IP for cloudflare or shared hosting is fine?


Last time i had shared hosting they removed domains that point to different DNS than their. (so domains on Cloudflare).

I am buying new one and shared ones are cheap. I am wondering if I will have problems like before again? Or if shared hosting is not a problem and that was just hosting issue.


That’s a policy issue with your host. There’s no technical reason why Cloudflare wouldn’t work with shared hosting but, naturally, you MUST be able to use the Cloudflare nameservers as that’s what makes the magic work.


Agree with @saul… the vast majority of hosting providers have no requirement that they also host your DNS.


Cloudflare usually works really well with shared since it reduces server load and bandwidth.
The other possible. scenario not mentioned above is that if your host is a CF partner, you can use the host’s nameservers, and set up CF through your panel.


Most shared hosting providers, especially the cheap ones, don’t allow you to change the Namservers of your Domain. Even though they should be happy that you would like to protect their infrastructure.

This is the same for most low cost domain hosters. Maybe the main reason is, that they are no longer have control over the domain you pay for. When you change the nameservers for your domain this will be done at the registry directly. Tech and Zone-C will change to you. They can’t easily lock down the domain anymore (but the shared web) if there are issues like unpaid bills for example. Or whatever the reason may be.

Some hosters allow you to add additional namservers. But this is useless for cloudflare and (mostly) for backup purposes if the hoster’s nameservers fail.


Thanks for all answers. I bought shared hosting and will pin CF soon.


Can you please name the shared hosting provider that did this? So folks can avoid them.

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