Do I need Cloudflare Pro with Shopify?

I recently signed up one of my clients on Cloudflare Pro ($20/mo). We moved their DNS Name Servers and records over from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

One of the “odd” things I noticed was the setting for the A record said “DNS only - reserved IP”. So we couldn’t turn on the Proxy function.

Doing more research, I found this article in the Shopify blog called:
“How To Use Cloudflare With Shopify” by Almiqui_Studios but this community form won’t let me include a URL.

This article makes it seem like Shopify already is utilizing some of Cloudflare’s caching and image optimization technology and that’s why I can’t turn on the Proxy function in the DNS settings? Am I understanding this correct?

So does this mean we can downgrade from the Pro plan to a free Cloudflare account?

That’s correct. Shopify already makes use of Cloudflare, so it’s not possible to apply your own Cloudflare configuration to your Shopify hostnames on Cloudflare.
You can only override Shopify’s Cloudflare configuration if you’re on Cloudflare’s enterprise plan, as explained here

If you only got the pro plan for your Shopify store, then yes. Shopify already uses its own Cloudflare configuration, so having the pro plan won’t have an effect in your case.

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