Do I need "bypass cache on cookies" for my site?



Several months ago I tried to use cloudflare on my site which uses wordpress/woocommerce…and it was a disaster. Today I would like to retry as my google rank is not good. I hope that increasing speed and security will make me have a better rank.

I have seen that you need business cloudflare to be able to “bypass cache on cookies”. As my business is in a very bad condition I can’t afford the business version and I don’t know what will be the results on my woocommerce pages using the free cloudflare…will it work fine or will cloudflare block the good process like last time I was trying it ?

Hope someone could answer! Thanks if you can help.

What plan is right for me?
Bypass on cookie

A great many sites using wordpress/woocommerce work just fine with Cloudflare, on any plan level. However, bypass cache on cookie is still only available on Biz and above. If you only need to cache CSS/JS/images you should be fine without that feature.