Do i need an ICP licence for Chinese website

Hi. My organisation is using EPiServer DXC and Cloudflare CDN to develop a website intended for China. I’m constantly getting conflicting advice on how to set up the service and whether or not we need an ICP licence, typically:

Websites hosted outside mainland China cannot obtain an ICP Filing or Commercial ICP License

*ICP certification is a type of registration required for anyone that wants to host content within China, either on their own server(s) or on third-party servers, e.g., a Content Delivery Network.

If anyone has been through this process i would really appreciate some pointers.


See the following service page:

From the bottom, you do need an ICP license if you want any of your content to be cacheable in China, which might or might not require both local presence and/or a server hosting your content located in China.

Also, the China CDN is an enterprise-only offering.

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Thanks. I believe we do have the enterprise solution. Do you have any technical details on how everything should be set-up:

  • How should the local domain be set up?

  • Would we need to use baidu name servers.

  • Could CloudFlare support EPiServer set up the service



These are a little specific, and not many people here know about the setup needed for China. I’d recommend contacting Cloudflare support for what CF can do and what’s needed for the China network to work.

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OK. Will give them a try.

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