Do I need an A record if I also have an LB record in DNS?

I have set up load balancing per the documentation.
After I get everything set up, I noticed an LB record at the top of my DNS list, presumably added by the load balancing service. The original A record for the traffic being load balances remained in the DNS list. Do I need to have them both, or should I delete the A record leaving only the LB record?

It would appear that it is ok to leave the A record according to the docs here DNS records for load balancing · Cloudflare Load Balancing docs
but I would like a second opinon.

I would leave the A record there as a fallback option in case LB cease to function, crash or if you like to disable the LB for some reason like troubleshooting or something. We use LB and we still have the CNAME for the main origin in the DNS list in case we need to not opt traffic to go through the LB.

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