Do I make use of Cloudflare CDN if links to images in source code didnt replace?


I noticed after using self hosted CDN that links in source code to images and css replaced, they now point to self hosted cdn domain.

However in case of cloudflare, links on my blog (wordpress) remain the same. My settings on CF are full max (cache, minify, orange clouds, hsts,https,etc)

Does that mean CDN is working for my site already? If yes, then I dont need to worry about links not replaced in source code?


Normally you would not have to replace HREFs.

Can you post your website address? We can inspect the loading of images (and other resources) and let you know. Just to make sure.


sure. website address is


Images such as these are loading through CloudFlare:

Looks like you’re OK.


Thanks a lot! How did you check it?


Not sure how @jules checked but

curl -I

The header will contain a cf-cache-status of hit if it is cached.


I use Firefox’s network inspector:

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