Do I Have To?

I am seeking a simple answer (s) to my question. I wrote to Cloudflare and did not receive an answer. Can anyone help me? This is what I wrote: you sent an email about performance set-up. It’s about global CDN caching, minification and compression. I do not know what any of this is and would be too afraid to try and change ANYTHING. Do I have to do these things? Also, in writing up this report, you say my domain does not have MX records. I do not know what that is. I do not know what HTML content is. I do not want to touch anything because I do not know what I am doing. DO I REALLY HAVE TO DO ANYTHING? I do not need an email address for my domain either.

Hi @maryconstancelowery, sorry for the confusion. I can assist. No, if you don’t want email for your domain on Cloudflare, you don’t need MX records.

The other email was a confirmation that your nameservers were changed to Cloudflare. Those servers have names like Bob & Carol and they’re the way visitors to your site find you. The visitor says they want to go to and the nameserver replies with the address of where to find your site.

There are a lot of resources and people on this site to assist if questions come up. Also, the links at the top of the page to status, #CommunityTip, #Tutorials, Help Center, and the Learning Center are really worth exploring.

Post back if questions come up, we’re here to help.

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thank you

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