Do I have to dump Cloudflare ? Emails not receiving!

I have an issue that has arisen in the last 7 days or so.
Using Webmail (after my client decided that valid settings were no longer valid), I am unable to receive emails. Outgoing emails are still being sent without issues once the webmail client is loaded.
What is being received by anyone who tries to email me is …

host dot net []
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:< >:
550 5.1.1 Address does not exist.
(Email address removed for data protection)

The website is loading correctly with no issues and I may just add that the webmail app “Roundcube” is taking forever to load and 80% of the time is returning a 524 time out error.
I have spoke to the Hosting Company support and they have had no incidents of emails being down or server issues and are pointing me back to Cloudflare issues.

I have been on this for hours and no matter what I do, it seems the issue can’t be resolved.

Can anyone help before I throw Cloudflare through the door ?

Kind Regards

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Please share you domain name so that the Community can effectively assist you.

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The domain names are all experiencing the same issue that are routed via Cloudflare, but the one that I can give (which I assume will be the same issue for all domains) is visualvinyl dot co dot uk

The error message you included suggests that Cloudflare’s email forwarding is attempting to send to a user that does not exist on the destination server.

Email forwarding is not the best solution and should always be avoided whenever possible. Are you able to create domain emails on your mailserver and update your MX to point to that server?

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Hi again,
The error message is in connection with the actual email address. I can confirm that the user does indeed exist, as I can send emails from that address, and have done for years. There are no active forwarders on that email address.
I can create domain emails on the server, but it would be the wrong email address to the one I am using and it would be the same server IP address.

I should just add the the IP address in the error message doesn’t exist (at least, not on my server)
I cant understand why Cloudflare is trying to redirect mail to an IP address that has nothing to do with my server IP.

The real question is, if you aren’t using forwarding, why do you have Cloudflare Email Routing enabled at all?

Why not turn it off and update your MX records to point to the server where you run that domain’s email?

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You have a good point. I am not overly au fait with the full workings of Cloudflare. I take it we are talking in the DNS records ? … if so, which records do I delete ? or how can I turn Cloudflare Email Routing off ?

I must say, I am thankful for your input thus far and are appreciative of them :slight_smile:

Just make sure that you update your email related records afterward, especially MX and SPF. If your outbound mail server performs DKIM signing, be sure to make sure you have the right DKIM records published.

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Well thankyou for your assistance I have disabled email routing and added MX records and amended the TXT for the correct ip number.
I have heard back from the hosting company and they sent me a link for their direct login, which goes straight through.
It appears that if I go in via my server email Roundcube, cloudflare are affecting the connection in CPanel.

I can confirm that emails are back and now flowing in both directions (send and receive) and for that I thank you very much :slight_smile:


I am glad to hear that our is working as expected. Cloudflare Email Routing is an email forwarding service for domains that don’t have their own mailserver. It is used to forward domain email to a mailbox in another domain, such as personal email address.


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