Do i have to be a CF reseller to add the CF button to my cpanel

Hi, i want to be able to hide our main server IP. However it seems that cPanel does not support that and it looks like the only way to do that is to use the CF plugin for cpanel.

However it trying to figure out what api host key is, i discovered that you only have an api host key if you are a reseller of CF and a valid host.

So how does the average small business with cpanel add the plugin since they are not a host reseller?
More directly how do i add the plugin to my personal cPanel WHM install?

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See folks the problem is that if a host who is a reseller gets special security features than the rest of us then that is not quite fair is it? So i cant hide my main server IP just because im not a official host (partner), that seems to be one sided doesnt it. Shouldnt i as a private cPanel owner be able to use your plugin just the same as a host would and get the same secure benefit from it?

Even if i paid for CF premium i still could not hide my main server IP because the only way cPanel allows that is by using the plugin.

So that means even if i can hide all my other IP’s of my server, if i cant hide the main IP then someone could easily figure out what my other IP’s are because they are sequencial. So the very bottom line is that other than saving people money on hosting, CF really does not do anything for the average person because if you cant hide your main server IP then there is actually no security at all is there.

I would gladly pay for CF if they had a way to hide my main server WHM IP’s and it still functioned but i guess that is just not possible. Is all this just smoke and mirrors or are we actually getting the security we are told we are getting?

What you’re asking for is “security by obscurity.” Don’t count on hiding your server’s IP address as a good way to protect your server.

The proper way to secure the server is with a firewall.

OK thanks, im gonna try 2FA and see how that goes. I know CF has some features that might work but since whm cant go through CF it negates that idea.

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What special security features would those be?

What does “cant hide my main server IP mean”? You can orange Cloud any record for a domain on Cloudflare that a reseller could.

You could certainly write your own cpanel plugin I suppose, but using cpanel to manage your personal site is more complicated and generally less flexible than signing up with Cloudflare directly, so not sure why one would want to. Resellers tend to sign up with Cloudflare to save themselves money on bandwidth and give they generally not technical customers an easy button.

Apparently there is some confusion on what Cloudflare does. This isn’t at all an accurate statement.

You can do that today with the free plan and pay Cloudflare nothing…


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