Do I have to add my subdomains to CloudFlare?

I have my domain name on Cloudflare (registrar)
I have my website (apex domain) added to Cloudflare
I’ve created a Cloudflare Pages for a website
I’ve configured a custom domain for this website with proper CNAME record.

Do I need to go to Cloudflare → Websites → Add a Site and add my subdomain to take advantage of Cloudflare features (CDN etc.) ? I’ve read articles that say that all subdomains must be added individually to Cloudflare, and at the same time I’ve read that Cloudflare Pages automatically benefit from Cloudflare features.

Yes, and that’s what you did when you created the subdomain CNAME record. As long as that record is set to proxied :orange:, the subdomain will benefit from all security and performance features set for your zone.

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Thank you for precisions

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