Do I have Cache Set Correctly?

using the free account my settings are:

cache level - standard
browser cache expiration - 4 hours
always online - on
development mode - off

also, prior to using Cloudflare i added some rewrite rules to my htaccess file in order to leverage browser caching, is this no longer needed now that i’m using Cloudflare, can i delete these rules from my hraccess file?

thank you very much.

cache/tls in my htacess file (i also set

Those work. For now, keep those .htaccess settings.

As you get used to Cloudflare, you can also use Page Rule to control cache settings.

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thank you very much sdayman…

i also have an https redirect rewrite rule in my htaccess file, should i keep that as well, or delete it now that i’m using clouflare’s “always use https” setting (crypto).

If it’s for HTTPS, then get rid of that redirect. Cloudflare will do it faster.

Since you’ve mentioned HTTPS, from the SSL/TLS settings, you should have “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” enabled. Which I believe you’ve already set as you said in your other thread. But for anybody else who finds this thread first, now they’ll know.

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ok, deleted the htaccess redirect, and have the 2 SSL/TLS settings enabled (thanks to very helpful advice in another thread).

thanks very much!

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