Do I have access to change the nameserver on a free account? If so, Exactly how?

Hi, I have a free account and I am attempting to keep everything the same but change the nameserver in Clooudfare. Please provide a direct response implying if I can do so on a free account. If possible please provide a step by step. I purchased the domain through Cloudflare and I am not looking to change that. I just simply want to change the nameserver. If I have to upgrade the account to have this access please state that. Thanks everyone.

Nameservers can’t be changed away from Cloudflare regardless of the account type and you are told this at the time of registration.

Usually you can just point your Cloudflare DNS at the host rather than change nameservers - if you explain what you are doing people may be able to suggest. But if you must use different nameservers then you’ll need to transfer the domain to another registrar.


Hi & Thank you.

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