Do I any cache plugins with WP?

Hi new here, Is it necessary for a plugin like WP Fastest Cache when hosting on Cloudflare? It asked for API or a key for Cloudflare.

is this redundant? Doesn’t Cloudflare cache everything already?

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Huh, I guess that’s a new feature of WP Fastest Cache? I’m not going to enter my email and API key to test it out. What happens when you enter them?

I use WPFC because it does a great job of crawling and caching my site so visitors don’t need pages generated for them on the fly. Keep it.

Cloudflare doesn’t cache your WordPress pages and posts by default, as they’re fairly dynamic. WPFC knows to clear its cache when there’s an update, but Cloudflare doesn’t. So it makes me wonder what WPFC does if you enter your Cloudflare credentials.

What Cloudflare DOES cache are .js, .jpg, .css, and other static resources. WPFC does not. So, between the two of them, you’re in great shape!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Well, when I add the API code to Cloudflare option in the CDN tab, the option to Disable Auto Minify is there (disabled automatically), ability to disable Rocket Loaded (disabled automatically). yes, there is a settings tab that has everything minified anyway. Confusing.

But I do not see any CDN paths when looking at source code on the site. Why would that be, do you think?

For example

The website is (obivoulsy) :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother with the API stuff. I prefer going straight to my Cloudflare settings. I also don’t minify on WPFC. I let Cloudflare do all that.

Cloudflare doesn’t change the URL for your images. As a Reverse Proxy, it delivers all content to your visitor using your URLs. For non-cached content it has to grab it from your server, but cached content it already has on hand.

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