Do daily worker limits apply to all workers but individual workers as well?

Ok, I know workers on a free plan have a 100,000 daily request limit. But does the limit apply to individual workers or ALL workers as well? Like if 1 worker has 100,000 in the last 24 hours will that worker show Error 1025 or Error 1102 or does it apply for ALL worker requests in the past 24 hours (and if it exceeds that, ALL workers will return Error 1025 or Error 1102)?

Across account, and has a limit of 1000 requests/min.


So individual limits are 1000 requests per minute (which can only occur by an HTTPS flood or if the worker is in an endless redirect loop) and the 100,000 request limit applys to ALL workers (even if one exceeds 100,000 in the past 24 hours an error won’t be returned until it causes the daily limit to exceed 100,000 requests).

Quick question, what if that’s exceeded? Does it return Error 1015: You are being rate limited?

On the global limits you get 1027, the 1015 is per IP.

What are defined as “Global limits”?

Global limits, I mean free account limits.



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