Do Cloudflare support the new process for .dk domains?

I just tried to change name server to name servers via administration - and then immediately afterwards i changed the name servers back to cloudflare again via NSU - this time the name servers was changed and ready for use inCloudflare within 4 minutes - just like it always has been.

So I guess DK-hostmaster had some kind of issues yesterday…

So we can conclude nothing actually has changed?

No, we cannot conclude that nothing has changed. We can conclude that the process for changing name servers on DK-hostmaster has changed - and that Cloudflare is not supporting this new method. For that reason we have to use a legacy method for changing name serves - a method that will soon be removed. And we can also conclude that name server changes took longer than normal yesterday, and in some cases the change stalled, but went through as soon as it was restarted.

Have you confirmed this with your registry?

If not

If nameserver changes take longer that’s something that you will need to take up with the registry.

Yes, it is confirmed that the NSU method will be phased out. You can read more about it here: New process for changing name server for .dk domain names | DK Hostmaster

In that case you really best clarify this with them, as I am not sure whether Cloudflare will adopt such an approach. There are literally hundreds of registries out there and if each of them chooses their very own special approach of setting up a domain, that is not feasible any more.

I certainly cannot say that Cloudflare will definitely not support that, but I would not be surprised if they didn’t, along with hundreds of other providers, essentially restricting Danish domains to Danish providers.

I’m on the same boat as other Danes. Today I spoke to the support at DK Hostmaster and they said that the new approach with AuthInfo is something that Cloudflare and other DNS management providers have specifically asked for! It therefore sounds a bit strange that Cloudflare apparently does not know about the AuthInfo procedure.

DK hostmaster also told me that to use the anonymous NSU method you have to be logged out of DK Hostmaster and that an email will be sent to the registrant and NOT the proxy! I get a bit tired now!

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