Do Cloudflare SSLs automatically renew?


I have a few websites hosted with Heart, but the nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare. (I did this to takeadvantage of Cloudflares caching). However it seems that I can also take advantage of CLoudflares free SSL (if I were to use Hearts SSLs it is £50 per website per year!).

Does Cloudflare SSL automatically renew each year?
Does anyone else do this becuase their hosting platform charges for SSLs?


You still need a certificate on your server. You can use any free certificate for that (including Cloudflare’s own Origin certificate) but you still need it on the server.

If your host charges you for that, you’ll either have to pay them or change host.

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You still need a certificate on your server.

Apparently not. I dont have one for a specific website with Heart, and its domain’s nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare. When I go to the website I still see a padlock.

I am afraid you are wrong, but I am now not going to address this for the millionth time only this week alone but invite you to use the search.

You want SSL? Then you need to install a valid certificate on your server. Period, encryption 101.

And yes, that setup you referred to is insecure.


Unfortunately, there are people who do. It’s terrible security. It’s like a bank that has an impressive door on its safe, but the back of the vault is open to the alley.