Do cloudflare reveal your origin ip address to the Fake DMCA sender?

We’ve reinstated numerous URLs flagged by a false DMCA sender with Google. However, they’re also submitting complaints to Cloudflare’s abuse system. While Cloudflare redirects these to our hosting provider, which is fine, it raises the question: how are they obtaining our origin IP addresses?

We’ve taken every precaution to safeguard our origin IP address from easy discovery until Cloudflare discloses it to them.

Yet, these fraudulent DMCA senders persist in asserting that they’ve accessed Cloudflare and acquired our IP.

Below is the msg we got.

"With reference to the above, we reported infringing material to websites owners and haven’t received any response from them, and pirate content continues to be active resulting in monetary loss and user base losses to the content owner.

We are therefore escalating the matter, the mentioned domains are using the services of Cloudflare to hide their IP details to avoid any legal consequences, we further reached out to Cloudflare and found that the domains in question are hosted under “Akamai Connected Cloud”. Therefore we are seeking your intervention in order to get this pirated content removed and request permanent suspension of the reported domains in order to avoid further involvement by these domains in such activities of digital piracy."