Do Cloudflare Load Balancers rely on Cloudflare Workers under the hood?

I’m looking to enable Load Balancing with the hopes to monitor a Cloudflare Pages site’s health, and in the event that Pages is experiencing issues (service outage), route to an alternatively hosted static site. However, if the load balancing is powered by workers under the hood, and Pages and Workers are down, then this won’t provide any benefit.

I don’t believe Load Balancer uses Workers, or at the very least, it doesn’t use KV.

The incident a few days ago with Pages/affecting some Workers was purely with Workers KV – Cloudflare’s KV Datastore. Workers (and Functions which did not rely on KV) had no issues executing during that time. I don’t recall any one incident where all Workers were down, other then sporadic or smaller issues. Worker’s entire architecture is kind of build against that, with them running on every server, doing slow rollouts of new software updates, etc.

That being said, how many cases in which Cloudflare itself wouldn’t be entirely down, but Pages would be? Hopefully very few, little enough that the price of LB probably wouldn’t be worth it. They’re still working on the public blog post / postmortem for the KV Issues which will be a nice read as well.

Eventually Cloudflare plans on replacing more and more of its internal cdn with Workers, so if LB isn’t already on Workers, it might be one day: Building Cloudflare on Cloudflare